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Sticklers™ Cleanstixx™ 1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Stick

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Sticklers CleanStixx 2.5mm Fiber Optic cleaning stick get any fiber network running faster and more reliably

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  • Use the 1.25mm fiber optic swabs to clean 1.25 mm ports
  • Clean LC, MU, ARINC 801 socket termini, ODC-style socket termini, most SPF+ transceiver modules with ferrule stub and lenses interfaces, and other hardened 1.25mm connector systems within adapter and socket termini


  • Patented sintered polymer fibers for consistent, high-purity cleaning
  • Ultra clean construction - does not contain fabric, foam, glue or particulate to leave residue on end faces
  • 1.25mm fiber optic swabs are precisely molded to clean the entire end face, not just the central core or contact zone
  • For best results, use with Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Fluid that cleans effectively, dissipates static and leaves no residue
  • Come in high-purity self-sealing bags
  • 50 Swabs per box (10 swabs in 5 self-sealing bags)
  • Military-approved