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fiber faults

Power meters, PON power meters, light sources

Mampaey Engineering is the official distributor for VIAVI which offers the largest portfolio worldwide of power meters, PON power meters, return loss meters, light sources, loss test sets, variable attenuators, talk sets, and optical channel checkers. A pioneer in optical handheld instrumentation for more than 30 years, VIAVI has
more than 150,000 optical handhelds already in use and has developed products that are recognized worldwide for their quality, reliability, ease-of-use, and low cost of ownership.
The comprehensive line of VIAVI SmartClass optical handheld instruments and accessories offers a complete solution for optical field testing.

MP-60/-80 Miniature USB 2.0 Power Meters

  • Measuring general power and loss as well as high power applications in long-haul, metro, access, and local area networks with wavelengths ranging from 780 to 1625 nm
  • Use with a VIAVI light source to detect modulation frequency and identify individual fibers

Key Features

  • Lightweight, small form-factor design for ultimate portability
  • Generates measurements in dB, mW, and dBm with auto-voice readout option
  • Automated data logging capabilities
  • Automatic wavelength detection
  • Easily connect to VIAVI test devices (HST-3000, CellAdvisor, DSAM, SmartOTDR), PCs (FiberChekPRO), and mobile devices (FiberChekMOBILE)

SmartPocket™ V2 OLP-35V2/-35SC/-38V2 Broadband Power Meters


The VIAVI OLP-3xV2 are a range of broadband power meters (PM) for quick, easy, and convenient measurement of optical power levels and loss in fiber networks. Easy-to-use for technicians at any skill level SmartPocket V2 broadband PM complement VIAVI optical light sources (OLS) for insertion loss and continuity testing in both single mode and multimode networks in all environments. Robust and compact they fit perfectly in your pocket.


  • Ready when you need it – ultra-high reliability and high-availability
    • Dependable, German design
    • Designed with outdoor environment in mind
    • Low power consumption for extended continuous use
    • Instant On – no boot time
  • Easy to use
    • High-Visibility backlight graphical display with context-sensitive softkeys
    • No setup “OptiChek” measurement mode
    • Fast Auto-λ, Multi-λ mode when paired with SmartPocket V2 optical light sources
    • Clear pass/fail information
    • Automatic upload of results via VIAVI Mobile Tech App

Key Features

  • 1 nm incremental wavelength settings
  • Universal optical interface supports all 2.5 mm with option for 1.25 mm connectors
  • Fiber Tracing – detecting optical light source tone(s) generated by SmartPocket V2 optical light sources
  • Storage for over 1000 test results and PC download capability
  • Bluetooth connectivity to the VIAVI Mobile Tech App
  • 4-way powering – alkaline AA, NiMH AA rechargeable, AC power adapter and power over USB
  • 3-year recalibration period


  • Measuring optical power levels and link insertion loss for both single mode and multimode networks
  • Network Build and Maintenance for
    • Enterprise/LAN
    • Access and Metro (LAN/WAN)
    • FTTx (e.g. Home/Antenna)
  • Standard and high-power level measurement


  • The OLP-35V2 (InGaAs) is optimized for standard telecommunication networks and multimode or single mode applications
  • The OLP-35SC (InGaAs) provides the same capabilities as the OLP-35V2 and comes with a fixed SC adapter
  • The OLP-38V2 (filtered InGaAs) is a higher-power version (up to +26 dBm) for CATV HFC (with analogue RF transmission) or amplified DWDM systems applications
SmartPocket™ OLP-37 RFoG and PON Power Meter

The specialized VIAVI SmartPocket OLP-37 optical power meter can be used to conduct measurements during passive optical network (PON) and Radio Frequency over Glass network (RFoG) activation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It can measure wavelength-selective optical power when testing B-PON, E-PON, or G-PON networks, as defined in ITU-T G.983/4, or IEEE 802.3ah, and RFoG systems, as defined in SCTE 174 2010.

SmartPocket™ V2 OLS Optical Light Sources

SmartPocket optical light sources (OLS-35 and OLS-36) are the ideal complementary tools to the OLP-3x to measure the insertion loss and test the continuity in multimode datacom and local area networks as well as in singlemode telecommunication and CATV-multimedia networks.

SmartClass OLA-55 Optical Level Attenuator

High-performance SmartClass optical handhelds combine high functionality with straightforward operation and compact design to provide a complete line of optical power meters, light sources, optical attenuators, test kits, loss test sets, return loss meters, channel checkers, tunable laser sources, and optical talk sets for every field application in fiber optic networks.
SmartClass OLA-55 optical level attenuator is a variable attenuator for singlemode fiber system testing.

SmartClass Fiber OLP-82,-82P

SmartClass™ Fiber is a product family of handheld test tools that integrate fiber inspection, optical testing and PASS/FAIL certification together in a single device. With SmartClass Fiber, technicians obtain ultimate flexibility and performance in a powerful, yet easy to use solution that can turn any technician into an instant fiber expert.

SmartClass Fiber OLP-85 Optical Power Meter

The OLP-85 high performance optical power meter is a professional, versatile, and compact instrument perfect for any fiber-optic network power or loss test applications. The OLP-85 perfectly fits applications where low power or very high power needs to be measured thanks to its high accuracy over an ultra-wide 100 dB dynamic range. The OLP- 85 combines an optical power meter with pass/fail fiber inspection analysis capability into one portable solution.

SmartClass Fiber OLS-85 Handheld Light Source

The SmartClass Fiber OLS-85 handheld light source is a professional, versatile, and compact instrument used for fiber-optic network qualification and certification. Its specific wavelength combinations make it optimal for link loss testing and long-haul, metro, and access telecommunication network characterization, as well as data center and local area network testing.