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Mampaey Engineering offers a complete line of DWDMs, CWDMs, 
WDMs, OADMs, Couplers, DCM, Optical Shelf and Accessories. The Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs) feature low insertion loss, high isolation and excellent wavelength stability. 

The CWDM/DWDMs are designed to multiplex (mux) or de-multiplex (demux) optical signals in full optical spectrum with CWDM/DWDM multiple channels at an compliant ITU standards ITU-T defined spacing. It comes as different form factor packages, 1RU 19” rack-mount chassis, standard LGX modules or flat box assemblies. 
We also have a special range of WDM units which are suitable for HFC, FTTx (P2P, P2MP), RFOG (Radio Frequency over Glass) applications, permitting DOCSIS and HFC to operate over a EPON/GPON compliant Passive Optical Network (PON) as commonly deployed for Fibre to the Home (FTTH) developments solution in 
high density FTTX networks to bring the video services to business and home premises. 


CWDM Filters
WDM filters
DWDM Filters
DWDM filters
Optical Splitters
optical passives
Rack mounted optical passives
rack mounted
Dispersion Compensation Optical Fiber Module (DCM)
Dispersion Compensation Optical Fiber Module
Optical Splice Enclosures