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Sticklers™ CleanClicker™ +1K 2.5mm Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

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Cleans up to 1,200 2.5mm connectors with a single tool

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  • Cleans SC, FC, ST, APC, UPC and E2000 connectors
  • Adapter cleaning, connector cleaning, APC cleaning
  • Use to clean OptiTap® connectors


  • 1,000+ speedy cleans in each tool for the lowest cost per clean
  • High purity cleaning strand removes dust, particulate and oil contamination
  • Pen-style tool cleans 90% of all connectors with just a single click instead of 2-4 clicks
  • Gentle activation will not damage end-faces during cleaning
  • Proprietary bundled microfiber cleaning strand
  • Made with static dissipating materials to prevent static build up during tool movement
  • Compact size is ideal for tool kits and belts
  • Use for wet/dry cleaning of heavily soiled connectors with the Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner Cleaning Fluid