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Optical patchcord monomode FC/PC-FC/PC Simplex Ø1,7mm

3,034,38 (Price exclusive of tax)


Premium single mode optical patchcord with Grade B connectors.

  • FC/UPC grade B connector on both ends
  • Monomode fiber
  • Yellow LSZH jacket
  • Ø1,7mm

Custom patchcords on demand.

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Additional information


 The patchcords with FC connector type are designed and manufactured according JIS, IEC, EIA/TIA and ANSI specifications for intermateability and optical performance. The FC connectors are offered for MM or SM applications, with PC and APC polishing method.


SpecificationsSM Ultra PC grade B
Insertion loss0.12 dB typ
0.25 dB 97%
Return loss (RL1) (IEC 61300-3-6)> 50dB
Strain relief100 N2
Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C2
Durabilitymin 1000 cycles
Assembly procedureglue and polish
Connectionphysical contact
Lock mechanismsnap-on
JIS 5970, EIA/TIA FOCIS, IEC 61754-13, EN 50377-2
Ferrule materialfull ceramic zirconia
Connector materialthermoplastic, zinc alloy nickel plated
Adapter materialpolymer composite, zinc alloy

1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 7m, 10m