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F-6-TD QM 7.0

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F-6-TD QM 7.0 True Lock compression connector for 7mm cables

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The new family of TrueDrop connectors ofers breakthrough improvements over F compression connectors, giving you less network noise, greater ease of use, and better overall reliability.
  • Larger conical mating surface provides better alignment and mating quality with all ports, compared to standard connectors
  • Wider sleeve heel provides 360° electrical contact for all cables
  • Improved seating prevents O-ring damage pre- and post-installation and at re-installation
  • Dialectric stop at F nut boosts installation quality
  • Grooved nut for better grip, easier tightening, and quicker installation
  • Straight knurling for improved grip on nut


  • Waterproof to 30 meters/8 hours
  • Easy and safe installation in seconds
  • Unique QuickMount™ compression system
  • Nitin-6™ plated for excellent corrosion resistance
  • One-piece connectors – no loose parts
  • Uses standard CX3 compression tools
  • Screening Class A++/Class A+
  • Operational to 3 GHz
  • Patent pending