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CleanBlast HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid

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The CleanBlast Cleaning Fluid is for both the benchtop and portable CleanBlast™ systems

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  • The official cleaning fluid engineered for use with Viavi Solutions CleanBlast™ fiber cleaning systems
  • Use with both the benchtop and portable CleanBlast™ systems
  • Quickly removes dust, lint, oil & grit from fiber end-faces
  • Engineered for cleaning SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000 and MPO/MTP connectors
  • Removes dust, lint, polishing grit, oil and fingerprints


  • Packaged to Viavi specifications, uses the same bottle and the same chemistry, and is VIAVI factory-approved
  • Compatible with all VIAVI CleanBlast™ cleaning tips
  • Each bottle contains at least 8,000 cleanings
  • Double-filtered for maximum purity
  • High-purity, optic-grade cleaning liquid
  • The 7.61 oz. refill bottle provides 8,000+ cleanings
  • The gallon (3.8L) bottle provides approximately 128,000 cleanings
  • Nonflammable and nonhazardous
  • No residue
  • Fast drying
  • Ships as non-hazardous/not regulated by all modes of transport, including air freight