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OneExpert ONX-220

Installation/service meter with ONX DNA, making it unequalled in speed, simplicity and value.

Fast, simple, versatile, and affordable, the ONX-220 is a powerful installation/service meter.

When home network quality is unreliable, customers become dissatisfied and are more likely to churn. At the same time technical complexity is increasing, but technician skill and experience at the installation service tier is typically minimal. It’s never been more important to have quick, effective troubleshooting tools that enable techs to quickly and efficiently verify performance as advertised.

The ONX 220 is fast, complete, and follows up testing with simple cloud data storage to enable real-time close-out and reporting.

  • Fastest and most comprehensive tool for verifying high speed DOCSIS service activation and performance
  • Rugged build quality, workmanship, and reliability expected from VIAVI and our years of measurement experience
  • Technicians now have access to a rugged, precise measurement instrument at a budget minded price
  • Best balance of features, performance, and cost – designed to meet the budgets of installers and contractors
  • Complete connectivity with the VIAVI MobileTech App via the technician’s mobile device
  • Real-time data connection updates supervisors and back office systems
  • Provides complete information tracking that couples work orders to jobs and enables geotagging for validation of customer visits
Flexible and Affordable
  • Minimize expense by matching test capabilities to current needs, then changing as needed as part of software/service/support plans
  • Expand meter functionality as the technician advances, adding new capabilities as needed
  • Built-in support for fiber optic inspection and power measurements, along with home network integrity testing
  • Simple icon-based UI with capacitive touch screen control is easy for new technicians to learn
  • Powerful measurement dashboards with simple Pass/Fail results for novice technicians while advanced techs can drill down for more detailed measurement results
  • Technicians can quickly identify and resolve issues without needing years of field experience
  • Powerful processing for faster measurements and complete autotest results in less than two minutes
  • Troubleshoot service issues between the TAP, Ground Block and CPE
  • Identify and fix intermittent issues related to QAM and OFDM carriers and the home network
  • Verify WiFi signal strength, availability and performance of 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks
Key Features
  • Most powerful meter in this price range
  • Fast, complete, and precise analog and digital signal measurements, including DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM, with a fast boot time, location-based auto tests, and auto-channel plans
  • Powerful processing for faster measurements and complete autotest results in less than two minutes
  • Complete measurement dashboards with simple Pass/Fail results for novice technicians and ability to drill down for more detailed measurement results
  • Works right out-of-the-box with each unit being factory synced to the customer’s StrataSync account, so any configurations and limits are automatically configured upon arrival
  • Includes StrataSync Core for meter asset management, and a Workflow option couples work orders to jobs for complete information tracking
  • Gigabit Ethernet, DOCSIS, and WiFi throughput testing
  • Wireless (802.11 ac 2.4/5 GHz with 3×3 MIMO) survey with signal strength, SSID, channels, security, MAC, and protocols.
  • Expandable to perform optical power measurements, fiber optic end face inspection to ensure clean connections

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