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Fusion Splicing Trade-In

Inno Instruments is one of the leading companies specializing in fusion splicing and is continually strengthening competitiveness in technical skills, innovative product, services and others under the slogan, ‘‘You Dream, We design”.

View 7

View 7 fusion splicer Trade-In

If you are looking to replace an existing fusion splicer with a new, more performant, unit, this is the moment. Up to mid January 2020 we have a special trade-in offer for certain brands.
The best-performing core-alignmnet fusion splicer VIEW 7 is the most powerful and innovative fusion splicer in the market with the world’s highest fiber image magnification rate. View 7’ is equipped with user-friendly GUI on a high-resolution color LCD allowing first time splicer users to easily connect the optical fiber. By double-tapping the screen, all users can see and zoom the optical fiber up to 520 times. More info 



  • Applicable to specific brand: Fujikura, FITEL and Sumitomo 
  • Trade-in accepted for same type of machine: Core to Core
  • Trade in for Clad to Core on request 
  • Machine must be able to be turned on and grand access to the menu
  • Effective until January 15th 2020 or till the stock last


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Phone: +32 (0)16 44 18 80 
Fax:      +32 (0)16 53 72 04

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